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Relocations are expensive, but in some situations simply necessary. A relocation loan helps if your own financial resources are not sufficient for the removal costs. At us, you can borrow for this purpose while benefiting from favorable interest rates and flexible terms. This way, you avoid having to use the expensive credit line of your checking account.

Finance the move by loan

Finance the move by loan

There are many reasons to move: a new job, contracting with a partner, or simply a change of scenery. Less nice occasions are the end of a relationship or the termination by the landlord. One thing all these triggers have in common: they often come suddenly and the move must be organized quickly. A relocation loan can be the solution if the financial reserves are missing. The required amount is quickly available and will be refunded in comfortable monthly installments. Especially if you move to a new, better job, you will succeed without any problems.

Which removal costs are incurred?

Anyone planning a move is faced with high costs: Maybe you have to hire a real estate agent to find the right place to stay in as short a time as possible. Especially if it is to go to another city, the costs for the moving company are high. You may also need to renovate in the new or old apartment – or hire a craftsman to do so. Also, new furniture often tear a hole in the move office. On the other hand, it is a shame when tight finances provide for a rather provisional institution.

Last but not least, the rent deposit many relocation willing problems: It is to be paid when moving into the new apartment – the deposit of the old apartment is usually paid back some time later. In many cases, a double rent increases the removal costs. In practice, notice periods and leasing periods ensure that tenants have to pay for both apartments for one or even two months. Thus, the removal costs can quickly amount to several thousand euros.

instant loan from CreditPus Bank. The flexible installment loan is very well suited as a relocation loan: You can choose the term between twelve and 120 months and credit sums up to 100,000 euros are possible. Thus, the loan fits both for a small cash injection and higher removal costs. You also benefit from low interest rates over the entire term.

A big advantage is the possibility for free special repayments. This allows you to repay the loan faster, which also saves you interest costs. This is especially interesting for those who are willing to relocate: as soon as you get back the deposit of your previous apartment, you can use it for repayment. Other means such as gifts of money, holiday pay or bonus payments in the job are helpful.

Finance relocation: The right loan amount and term

Finance relocation: The right loan amount and term

Before you take out a transfer loan, you must decide on a loan amount and a term. So determine your financing needs by getting an overview of the estimated removal costs. Remember, however, that unforeseen costs can always be added. Therefore, rather plan a little leeway. By matching your reserves to the amount you need, you can see what the credit should be. The matching term can be found in the amount you can repay on a monthly basis: With a shorter term, you have the loan repaid faster, but the installments are higher. In contrast, a longer duration ensures a lower monthly burden. If in doubt, opt for the longer option so you do not have to worry about unforeseen expenses. With the credit calculator of our bank different combinations can be compared quickly and easily.

Apply for loan for the move

If you have decided on the right conditions, you can apply for your removal loan directly from the loan calculator. The following steps are important:

  • Fill in the form: You provide information about your personal data and your professional and financial situation.
  • Signing the loan documents: You will receive the documents directly for download and by mail.
  • Submit documents to us: Apply for your relocation loan.
  • If applicable, legitimacy via the PostIdent procedure: new customers must have their identity confirmed in a post office. For this you need your identity card and the loan documents.
  • Credit application is under review: we processes your documents.

Once the transfer loan has been approved, you will receive the desired amount directly to the specified account and can use it to pay your removal costs.

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