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Are you struggling to meet your high monthly installment of expensive financing? Or are expensive MRP interest on a large part of your income, so you have less money available each month? A rescheduling with a loan from our bank can help. With tailor-made financing for your loan repayment and comprehensive, expert advice, as an experienced partner, helps you with your financial challenges so that you can regain your liquidity.

Why regain liquidity?

Why regain liquidity?

The advantages at a glance:

  • Save interest
  • Reduce monthly installments
  • Recover liquidity
  • Gain an overview
  • Avoid reminder fees

If the monthly installments of an existing financing are too high, the borrower loses his financial leeway. As a result, new payments can often not be made simply but have to be postponed or re-funded. In the worst case, the borrower is threatened with over-indebtedness. By rescheduling for a cheap loan, a borrower can in many cases avoid this over-indebtedness and regain its liquidity. In addition, by summarizing multiple loans to a convenient full loan, the overview can be recovered and the repayment can be made over a single monthly installment. Another advantage of combining and rescheduling loans is that a single larger loan often offers better terms than a variety of loans. In addition, any problems with repayment can be discussed and settled directly with your own bank. Reminder fees or other fines are effectively avoided.

Recover your liquidity

Recover your liquidity with Credit Bankive

If you want to regain your liquidity and replace existing loans, you have a partner with us with more than 50 years of experience at your side. Specializing in lending, we can help you meet your financial challenges. If you would like a professional assessment or if you have further questions about your rescheduling, please contact us employees with confidence.

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Alternatively, you can apply for your loan online. We attaches great importance to responsible lending and only lends out loans if they really only bring benefits to you. The following prerequisites must be met:

  • You are of legal age
  • You are a resident of Germany
  • You have been employed by the current employer for one month
  • You have a positive private credit

To determine your credit rating, We uses data from various credit bureaus, such as the private credit, and you can request a free self-assessment from private credit once a year if you want to be sure about your status. If you are afraid that you will not get a loan because of your current situation, it may make sense to name a second borrower.

Calculate credit: You can easily calculate your credit with the loan calculator. Simply enter your required net loan amount. Then the calculator outputs the rate for your desired loan. You can also see the interest rate and the resulting total amount at a glance.

Apply for a loan: If you have decided on a suitable loan, then click on “Request offer without obligation”. Complete the following online form carefully and completely. Subsequently, we will create your personal loan documents and send them immediately by post and e-mail.

Credit agreement: If you have the credit documentation, first check it for the correctness of the information. Then send the documents back in full and signed to us. As a new customer please send the shipment once with the Postident procedure of Post. This ensures that you have actually sent the loan application and nobody misuses your data.

Disbursement and repayment of credit: After receipt of your documents, they are subjected to a thorough review. If the test is successful and your creditworthiness allows it, the payment of your money will be made immediately. Even if you have commissioned our bank with the loan repayment, this is done immediately. Should any part of your net loan be left over, or should you wish to arrange the repayment yourself, We will transfer your money to the account you have provided as soon as possible.

To regain and retain liquidity: If your expensive financings have been successfully replaced and rescheduled, at best you will only have ongoing financing – your credit with us. If you have more money available during the installment than you previously expected, you can use free special repayments to reduce the term or installment of your complete loan. Simply transfer an additional amount to your rate to us. The amount will be charged immediately to your financing and the term will be shortened accordingly. Alternatively, you can arrange for a reduction in monthly installments for a consistent duration. Just call your adviser.

If, against all expectations due to unforeseen circumstances, you have less money than planned and are afraid to fail to pay a rate, contact your adviser at an early stage. Together, a solution can be found.

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