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Private credit is a financing option that is widely used in Germany. Colloquially, the term personal loan is often used for a loan, which does not come from a professional bank, but from a private person. However, the actual meaning of the term primarily serves to delineate loans in the business environment. Accordingly, Credit Plus Bank’s personal loan is the consumer loan of a highly specialized credit bank to retail customers. This is what our bank has been offering since 1960 – decades of experience that will also benefit you in your financing project.

This is what personal credit does

This is what personal credit does

  • Cheap interest
  • Net loan amounts up to 100,000 euros
  • Selectable duration of 12 to 120 months
  • Shorten the term by free special repayments

Personal loans help consumers and the economy

A personal loan offers the possibility to finance necessary expenses that do not fit into the monthly budget by paying monthly installments. A study has proven the economic importance of consumer credit: without the possibility of being able to take out a loan such as the personal loan from us, over 50 percent of all purchases would not have been made. More than every second loan comes from a bank specializing in lending, such as our bank.

We have been offering its personal loan in a similar form for more than 50 years – but it always keeps up with the times and places value on the best terms. Today, the personal loan can be up to 100,000 euros and tailored to fit your personal financing plans. Thus, it offers additional flexibility due to a duration and installment level that you can choose freely. The term can be between 12 and 120 months. In the case of personal loans from us, it is also possible for you to subsequently shorten the term of the loan with free special repayments.

What is the personal loan for?

What is the personal loan for?

If necessary purchases or important expenses do not fit into the budget, a personal loan can help you. He will help you if funding for necessities can not wait. Repairs to home or home appliances, for example, may be urgently needed for a variety of reasons, as well as buying a car to stay mobile. But a personal loan also helps you to fulfill spontaneous wishes – be it the new TV or the new living room couch.

Many consumers often use the current account credit line for short-term financing. The resulting expensive overdraft interest then unnecessarily burden the personal budget. A personal loan is also an option in such cases to replace existing expensive loans. If you have several ongoing financings, it is often worthwhile to combine the loans into a favorable complete loan. This saves money and also helps you to keep track.

A personal loan is useful for:

  • The quick help with short-term financing
  • The spontaneous fulfillment of wishes
  • The replacement and pooling of expensive loans

responsible lending . In accordance with the Code, We will only grant you a personal loan if it is really beneficial to you.

As a highly specialized credit bank, We can offer you particularly attractive terms. Their optimized processes also ensure shorter processing times and faster payouts. It is not without reason that every second loan in Germany comes from a specialized bank such as our bank. The services provided by our bank have been certified and assessed by TÜV-Saarland:

The evaluation by TÜV-Saarland revealed:

  • Speed ​​/ duration of processing times (1.61)
  • Reliability of the bank (1,48)
  • Expertise of the employees (1,74)
  • Quality of advice (1.73)
  • Adjustment of the installment amount to financial possibilities (1.72)
  • Overall grade: 1.8

So apply for your personal loan

So apply for your personal loan

Calculate credit: Calculate typical conditions for your personal loan with our bank Loan Calculator. You can select the loan amount, the term and the installment amount yourself. Then fill out the online form, so that you can make a non-binding individual offer.

Credit documents: In the next step, you will receive your credit documents by post and online. The loan documents should be read carefully before you send them back signed. As a new customer, you will also be asked to perform a legitimation using the PostIdent procedure. To do this, you go to the nearest post office with the loan documents ready for delivery and your ID card – Swiss Post employees take care of the rest free of charge. Once the documents have been submitted to our bank, the binding contract is concluded after the successful check.

Remaining debt insurance: If you wish, you can insure yourself against unforeseeable events: A remainder insurance is offered in various variants in the event of illness, disability, unemployment or death. 24 percent of all borrowers have taken out such insurance.

Maximum security through a residual debt insurance

Disbursement: After the successful verification of your loan documents, your money will be immediately transferred to the account specified by you and will be immediately available to you.

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