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Are you planning a renovation? With a renovation loan, you can quickly and easily finance your upcoming work without having to use the expensive credit line of your house bank or make any other commitments. The renovation loans of our bank convince with attractive terms, flexible terms and installment rates. Convince yourself of the advantages of cheap credit.

The renovation loans of our bank

The renovation loans of Credit Bankive


For all minor short-term financing offers small loan from Credit Plus the optimal solution. With a possible net loan amount of up to € 5,000 and a selectable term of between 12 and 48 months, the micro-loan is a quick helper for unforeseen expenses. With this cheap home loan, you can refrain from using your credit line and avoiding high interest costs. If you are planning a major renovation that requires a larger budget, SofortKredit is the right choice. As a renovation loan, it offers you enough leeway for your projects with a net loan amount of up to 100,000 euros. SofortKredit is also very flexible in terms of repayment. Lease periods between 12 and 120 months allow you to adjust the financing to your individual needs and requirements.

When does a renovation loan from our bank become available?

When does a renovation loan from Credit Bankive become available?

A renovation can be necessary in very different life situations and accordingly put a different load on the budget. If, for example, you move and pay double the rent during the transition period, or you have not yet received the bail of your old apartment, but have already paid a new one, the monthly budget may reach its limits. With a renovation loan, you can bridge this transitional phase and quickly return to the agenda. If you are planning major renovations to your home or apartment that you are renting, Our renovation loans will help you ease the financial burden. In this way, you can increase the value of your property and profit even more from your investment. Then you can pay the costs conveniently in the appropriate for you monthly installments.

Replacing expensive loans

Have you already paid for your renovation and have your account overdrawn? Or are you finding out that our low priced renovation loans offer you more benefits than other ongoing financing? You can still benefit. By replacing expensive or unfavorable loans due to high rates, you can save money. In particular, the credit line of your house bank can cost you dearly in terms of interest. With the offer of our bank, you can replace several expensive financings and combine them into a clearly structured complete loan.

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