Universal loan

The universal loan of our bank is, as its name suggests, very versatile. Whether for purchases, repairs, travel, projects or investments, the flexible universal loan can be your financing basis in many areas of application. In its basic form, it corresponds to a installment loan. This form of credit is so popular in Germany that many purchases would not have been made without it.

The universal loan in response to many financing issues

But the universal credit of our bank can do much more. With a freely selectable net loan amount of up to 100,000 euros, the universal loan is very versatile. For smaller purchases such as TVs, computers or bicycles, but also for the greater financing of a trip, renovation or the purchase of a car, the universal loan can make the necessary capital available. You can choose the duration of your universal loan very flexibly, depending on the monthly installment that you plan to make. The possible time frame of 12 to 120 months can therefore be adapted exactly to your requirements and needs. The design of your personal desired financing can be played through with the bank loan calculator comfortably and without obligation.

The universal loan to replace expensive financing

A typical case for the use of a universal loan is the replacement of various still running loans. If you have completed several loans, it is easy to lose track. In this case, it makes sense to combine the various loans into a universal complete loan. However, a better overview is far from the only advantage of such a summary: Given the attractive terms that we offers you, it is very likely that this step will save you money thanks to low interest rates. Especially the replacement of an expensive emergency loan with an installment loan is financially worthwhile for you.

Further advantages of the universal loan

In order to offer you maximum flexibility, you can always make free special repayments with our Universal Credit. So, in addition to your usual rate, you can pay up to once a month an additional single repayment and subsequently influence and reduce the remaining term of the loan. If, however, unforeseen events hinder your installment payments, We offers you – after consultation with your personal adviser – the opportunity to temporarily suspend the agreed installment. If you want to be completely sure, you can also complete a rate hedge. In cooperation with well-known insurance companies, the insurance offered by us repays after an accident, in the event of unforeseen incapacity for work or in the event of death. The KombiPlus package secures you even in case of unforeseen unemployment.

Our Loan Calculator without obligation. If you have found your suitable financing, just follow the online form.

  • The next step is to give an overview of your financial situation. This query is for your protection and corresponds to the procedure for responsible lending. If you meet the requirements, you can continue
  • Finally, enter your personal information. After reviewing your details, we will send you the loan agreement conveniently by mail and e-mail.
  • Then send the signed loan agreement back to us, where it will be checked again before it becomes final. For new customers, the shipping is linked to the PostIdent process, with the help of which you confirm your identity. To do this, simply go to the nearest post office with your ready-to-send documents and your identity card – the Post employees will take care of everything else for free.
  • The payment of your money will be made immediately after the successful check by us on the account you have specified.

Excellent Special Bank

Credit Bankive - Excellent Special Bank

Our Bank has existed since 1960 and specializes in providing loans. The credit specialist operates throughout Germany and is part of the French banking group Crédit Agricole. The relationship between bank and borrower should, according to the conviction of our bank, above all be characterized by mutual trust. Therefore, it has committed itself to complying with the Code of Conduct for Responsible Lending and is happy to assist you as a lending partner. Last but not least, the increased understanding of the needs of customers resulting from the specialization has meant that almost all loans granted meet expectations and are duly repaid.

Highest security

Your sensitive data is in good hands with us. We places the highest value on the security of your data, so that they can not be viewed or distributed by third parties. All online data is backed up by state-of-the-art 128-bit SSL encryption and firewalls. Our Bank and all employees are committed to secrecy in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act, do not collect your personal data without your consent and are guaranteed not to trade with them or to pass them on to third parties in any other way. Furthermore, you can request information about which data you have stored at any time.

Excellent advice

If you have any further questions, our staff will be happy to provide you with competent and personal advice. Simply contact a member of the our bank directly, by telephone or online.


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