With a loan to the allotment garden


From stuffy: More and more young city dwellers rent allotments. In Berlin meanwhile one third of the applicants for a small garden are under 30 years old. 

The interest of the young people to rent a garden is well comprehensible in view of the trend towards organic, deceleration and sustainability: savor the Sunday coffee comfortably in front of your own arbor, to rest a good book in hand – so it can live well.

Find allotments: more complicated than financing

The way to your own green oasis is associated with some costs, but they keep within a manageable framework, viewed in the long term, the recreational value of your own allotment garden offers. However, finding a suitable property is a much bigger challenge than financing the allotment garden. Because many allotment clubs have no free capacity and often long waiting lists. But you should not be discouraged if you want to fulfill your dream of your own allotment garden. If you show a bit of commitment and are actively looking, your hammock may be hanging between your own fruit trees faster than you think. Tip: Instead of relying only on waiting lists, you should read classified ads in newspapers and online and, if necessary, submit an application yourself. Often it also helps to seek personal contact with allotment garden associations.

If you have found your dream garden, you should not hesitate too long. Ideally, you have already thought in advance about how much your personal recreation area costs. Basically, the running costs are manageable. After all, the basic idea behind the allotment garden is that every city dweller should be able to afford his own piece of nature. The amount of the lease depends on the location and the size of the plot. Often, the pure lease is only about 100 euros per year. In addition, there are ongoing costs for water, electricity, garbage collection, insurance and the club contribution. Overall, the own green oasis for about 400 to 550 euros per year to have.

Acquisition costs by credit lift

Acquisition costs by credit lift

However, future allotment gardeners will incur some one-off costs when purchasing the parcel. Because for the arbor usually a distance to the previous owner must be paid. How high this precipitates depends primarily on the condition of the arbor and is determined by the previous tenant. Even for the existing in the allotment tree stock may be a distance payment. The transfer fee for arbor and trees is usually between 3,000 and 5,000 euros, for particularly well-kept gardens, the costs can also be up to 7,000 euros. Of course, these costs are not a cardboard handle – but you should not be put off by it. If your savings are not sufficient, the transfer fee can also be financed with a small installment loan . If you reduce the amount due to the many years in which you spend the weekends in your little garden idyll, these are not that high. And you not only get your own private retreat in nature, but also enjoy the home-grown fruit and vegetables.

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